Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scent of the Day March 3rd

Today's Scent: Hawaiian Hula Muffin

If you've read my reviews before, you'll know that on cold throw I HATE pineapple scents.  I can't say if that's Victoria's pineapple scent specifically because I've never tried a pineapple scent from another candle company. I DO however like bath products with a pineapple scent in them, just for everyone's reference.

Onto this scent though!
Cold - I don't like this scent. Again, it's the pineapple note, I'm pretty sure because it's the same note I get in Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Island Delight (though ID is by FAR the worst offender of the three).  Beneath the pineapple scent on cold throw, I can smell a sort of buttery cakey note, but for me it's buried deep beneath the pineapple. Cold throw: I would definitely not repurchase this and I wouldn't even rate it because it's sooooo offbase for me that rating it feels unfair to CBV.

Warm - This scent (and probably pineapple scents in general) is not for me.  I'm trying to smell past the pineapple (which I don't think is extremely strong in this one, but it is to me) and I do get a cake-like smell. It reminds me a bit of the cake note in Apricot Crumb Cake... but I just can't get past the pineapple.
Ahren seems to like it and it doesn't exactly bother me so I MAY keep this one just because he likes it. If he didn't though, I'd DEFINITELY swap this one.

Ahren's Review - I really wanted to include Ahren's opinions on this because pineapple is obviously one of those rare scents that just does not agree with me. He likes it well enough though so I thought I should include this!
He says: It smells like pineapple mixed with sugar cookie. Warm the pineapple and the bakery note are balanced out at about 50/50.
He gives it 3/5 stars though he said he probably wouldn't repurchase it.

Sorry for such a bummer review today! I really wanted to try a pineapple scent warm to see if I felt any better about it but evidently it was not meant to be between me and pineapple scents. Ahren does like it though. If you're curious about this one, definitely try it. If you know that you really dislike pineapple notes though, I'd definitely stray from this one.

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