Friday, March 9, 2012

New Scent of the Day 3/8

Today's new scent was inspired by Kelley's recent review video.  She mentioned Tahitian Vanilla (she used it in a CAS along with Clean Cotton, I believe) and it reminded me that I had a forgotten SS of Tahitian Vanilla!

I dug it out and decided to melt it for the first time tonight.

Cold: I really love this scent cold. It's a really great vanilla-coconut smell. I'd LOVE this in a perfume! It really smells like vanilla and sweet coconut milk. There's not much more to it than than. It is soooo nice!

Warm: This SS (I melted 1/4) did not throw very well. That's pretty common for vanilla scents, sadly.  I really do love the smell though. That coconut note that is there when cold isn't as present when warm. It just smells like a smooth, slightly creamy vanilla. Not at all custard-like or rich, to me. Just a nice smooth, vanilla. I think the coconut note, while not really present when warm, makes the scent a bit more complex and exotic than a straight up, plain vanilla.  I'm really curious to see if anyone has tried this in different size jars because I really really love it but I don't want to repurchase unless I could get a strong throw.

If someone didn't know something was melting, they very well may not notice the smell at all, which is why I wouldn't repurchase without a stronger throw. While I know it's nice and I liked the smell, I really had to search for the scent, if that makes any sense.

I'd give it 5/5 stars for smell but only 2/5 for throw. =/  Again, it seems to be a property of vanilla scents to be light ones.  If anyone has found a version of this that throws decently, let me know!

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