Saturday, March 10, 2012

CBV Scent of the Day 3/9

I had a hard time picking a new scent to burn today. My nose just kept wanting to go to my standbys. I guess it wasn't feeling very adventurous.  BUT, I did end up choosing one new one to melt this evening. :)

Today's Scent: Brown Sugar

Cold: I got this one a while ago as my free SS, I believe.  I was really looking forward to trying it though, because I'd heard other girls say that it smells just like sticking your head into a bag of brown sugar.
Cold, I don't get that at all. To me, this smells like a sweet, almost floral scent and almost perfume-like. Not like a sweet floral like Bella Swan... it's deeper than that somehow. But I can't get the floral thought out of my head. To see if I was insane, I had Ahren smell it and asked him to tell me what he though (without knowing my thoughts). He said, "It smells sweet and kind of florally... And like a middle-eastern perfume." So apparently I'm not alone with my cold analysis. It definitely smells like a sweet, kind of floral, perfume type smell. 
I would definitely not say brown sugar though, at least not cold.

Warm: Sadly, this smells the same to me warm. =/ I was really hoping it would change completely and smell like it's name but it doesn't at all. It still smells like a sweet, ever-so-slightly musky floral. =/ I asked Ahren what he thought and he said it pretty much smells the same as it did cold.

I might repurchase this in the future only to see if this was a fluke of some sort. I can't imagine how it smells THIS far off for Ahren and I but smells like the real thing to so many others. =/

I thought I'd also let you guys know that I review the cold scent before I ever melt the warm one. I find that if I do it after, it alters the notes that I pick up cold. I'd really like these reviews to be able to show how alike (or different) each scent may be between it's cold throw and it's warm throw. 

Please keep that in mind as you read these posts. Sometimes cold throws smell nothing like warm throw and sometimes they smells almost identical so I really wanted to reflect that in my reviews.

I hope everyone had a good week!
Happy melting. :)

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